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Meat and Fish Offerings

Meat and Fish

Harvest Health Foods
We have several fresh meat sources  including local farms , Creswick farms, Hilhof Organic Dairy, Living Seed Farms, Regal Bison Co, Superior Farms, Pasture Perfect Grass-Fed New Zealand Beef, SVO Farmer Focus Organic Chicken and Michigan Family Farms. For Thanksgiving, we take pre-orders for Tom Otto's Fresh Turkey. Our product standards for Harvest Health Foods continue with our protein offerings. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality of beef, chicken, lamb & seafood.     
Our meat is raised without the use of routine antibiotics and added growth hormones, and our seafood is sustainable certified and wild-caught.  Harvest Health Foods welcomes Michigan producers:  Zimba Family Farm organic beef, Grazing Fields non-GMO pork products featured in our Fresh and Frozen meat departments.

Our September Feature for local fresh meat is Regal Bison Ribeye Steaks . 

Average size is 8 oz -- priced by pound at $19.99 LB  Fresh, tender, lean and good for you! 

Michigan Family Farms Logo
Grazing Fields Farms SVO FARMER FOCUS  
Regal Bison Co Cannon Fish Creswick Family Farms  
Pasture Perfect Grass Fed Beef From New Zeland    



Additional Brands we carry Applegate (Bacon, lunch meats, chicken nuggets) Blackwing, Shelton Poultry, fresh organic chicken and several select sausage companies.

Seafood: Each location carry's a selection of frozen sustainable wild-caught seafood.

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