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Healthy Bath and Body Cosmetics Essential Oils

Healthy Body and Beauty

Harvest Health Foods

Beauty is not just skin deep.  We believe everything you use, inside and out, contributes to a healthy body.  If you are looking for toxin-free bath and body products we have a selection to please the savviest customers.  From the simplest ingredients of coconut oil to the latest in natural beauty creams we have natural products to help you maintain your skin's natural radiance.

Our skin is not waterproof and the products we use from head to toe should be free of harmful chemicals.  We have a wide selection of hair care, styling products, facial cleansers, treatment creams, body care, and natural nail polishes for your toes. From head to toe and everything in between we have the healthy body care products you are looking for.

Our beauty products must meet our Healthy Beauty Guidelines.  It is our goal that all of our products will eventually exceed these guidelines as many of our products already do.

Harvest Health Foods Healthy Beauty recognition will be given to health and beauty products that are free from the identified Body Care's Dirty Thirteen guidelines.

Body Care's Dirty Thirteen* (See below) 

SUKIN - the number 1 selling skincare brand in Australia. What they don't put in their products is what makes them stand out!  


We are excited to welcome Mad Hippie to our Healthy Beauty lineup at Harvest Health Foods.

  "...A Miracle Worker"  -Allure 

"Best Natural SPF"  -Cosmopolitan
"Best in Natural Beauty"  -Better Nutrition
"What we in the industry call ~MAGIC~"  -Marie Claire

Mad Hippie at Harvest Health Foods


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Body Care's Dirty Thirteen

  1. Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid  (EDTA) - Used as a preservative.  Linked to heavy metal toxicity and may be indicated in health issues such as - infertility, cancer, birth defects, and developmental delays in children.

  2. FD&C and D&C synthetic colorings - These synthetic colorings are toxic to the body, overloading the liver, and may trigger come cancer.

  3. Nitrosamines produced by DEA, TEA, MEA, or Sodium Lauryl/Laureth  Sulfate - Documented links between nitrosamines in food and cancer.

  4. Nonylphenols produced by polyvinyl chloride - May contributed to the development of estrogen-dependent cancers.

  5. Parabens - Synthetic preservative with estrogenic properties.

  6. Phenylenediamine - Toxic compound known to cause skin irritations, eczema, asthma.  Grandfathered by FDA.

  7. Phthalates - These ingredients do not dissipate in the body but accumulate over time. Accumulation may contribute to certain cancers.

  8. Propylene glycol - A common ingredient in antifreeze and de-icing solutions, polyester, paint, and plastic solvents.  Suspected of compromising the immune system, interfering with brain function, and harmful to the skin.

  9. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - Proven skin irritant, indicated to form a toxin, dioxin, in the body that can cause severe acne-like lesions on the face and neck.

  10. Synthetic Fragrances - Compromises cellular defense mechanisms that normally prevent toxins from entering the cells.

  11. Talc - Known respiratory irritant, indicated in certain ovarian cancers.

  12. Urea - Urine from humans and animals creates urea, a preservative that contains formaldehyde.  A known cause of contact dermatitis.

  13. Petrolatum - Petroleum Jelly - derived from petroleum.

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