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Silvia Atsma

We have craft beers and organic wines at great prices.  We have an extensive selection of Michigan craft beers, specialty brews, and gluten-free beers at prices your taste buds will hop for joy.  We are carefully selecting wines from across the world that will please your pallet and impress you with qualities that go beyond the glass.  We are seeking small estate wineries that infuse their wines with unique characteristics.  Some of the characteristics that we are looking for are certified organic, exclusive use of organic grapes, sustainable growing practices, hand picking, and old world winemaking traditions.  We even have a selection of wines that have no added sulfites, are sulfite free, and some that are certified vegan too.  Having sushi tonight?  We've even got organic sake for your sipping pleasure.  Check out our weekly tasting schedule on our calendar to sample a new brew or a classic vintage. Calendar of Events   

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Our Highlight Winery is Natura - Chilean Wines - Made with  100% Organically grown grapes. Check out Natura Vineyards

The Natura collection features nine varietals, three whites, and six reds, all produced from hand-picked, organic grapes, harvested from certified organic vineyards.  

Emilio Contreras is a pretty cool dude and the incredibly proud father of twins! As the Natura winemaker for this premier Chilean wine, Emilio embraces organic agriculture because it gives him the opportunity for producing wines with unique character and Identity. He also believes profoundly in Emiliana's philosophy, where all of the work done focuses on singularly on Excellence.

He works to achieve a balance in the vineyards based on the harmony between highest quality grapes and vineyard management and the deepest respect for the environment and workers.

Emilio received his degree in Agricultural Engineering with a specialization in Enology from the University of Chile. Since joining Emiliana in 2007, Emilio's career has focused primarily on the Colchagua and Maipo valleys in Chile.

He hopes you truly enjoy his beloved Chilean wine: Natura.