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Bulk Nuts, Herbs, Seeds, Grains, Flours and Teas

Silvia Atsma

Bulk Offerings to Bulk up on your Savings

We love to offer our customers a value price on staples you use every day in our bulk products.  You'll find grains, flours, nuts, seeds, sprouting seeds, spices, herbs, tea and cookies too.  The thing you will not find in our bulk is everyone else's hands. We felt it was important to spend the time and pre-package our bulk so that you can be more confident of the product you are purchasing.  Many of our spices and herbs cut for teas come in convenient  1 oz packages.  If you would like this in a larger size, we can certainly accommodate you.  Just let us know and we'll have that packaged for you. We package all our bulk at our Eastern Ave store, and it is transferred to our other locations throughout the week. If you have a special product or size request, please let us know.

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