Sleep, Stress and Immune Support - Virtual Seminar

Sleep, Stress and Immune Health - Virtual Seminar

Harvest Health Foods

We are excited to invite our customers to attend an educational health seminar!  (Whoa...that's been a long time!) 

Can we have a raise of hands who, in this past year, has experience concerns over their Sleep, Stress or Immune Health?  Just because the calendar turned over 365 days since our NORMAL was rocked, certainly doesn't mean these concerns have gone away.  More likely these concerns are here to stay.  The good news is that there are ways to help your body sleep better, handle the effects of stress and keep your immune system strong.

Join us for a 1/2 hour packed with good information you can use to stay healthy and strong in 2021!  Liza Boone is will be talking to just Harvest Health Foods Customers, so this is for you! 

BONUS:  For registering and attending the seminar,  Solgar will be sending you a coupon for 50% off a Solgar product.  Use it on any of the featured supplements or on one of your favorite Solgar, formulas.  

To begin, you just need to register and look for the confirmation in your email.