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Little Rooster and Kind Crumbs Holiday Pre-Order Information

Local Kind Crumbs and Little Rooster Holiday Orders 2020

Harvest Health Foods

Kind Crumbs Holiday Orders and Little Rooster Orders  -

To place an order, please click on the image for an order form.  Fill out the form completely, save the information and email the completed orders it to info@HarvestHealthFoods.com or drop it off at one of our locations.

2020 Kind Crumbs Holiday  OrdersLittle Rooster Holiday Roll Orders

* Kind Crumb - Rolls are 8 to a package,  Muffins are 4 to a package, Doughnuts are 3 to a package, Whoopie Pies are 4 to a Package

Click here for Kind Crumbs ingredient listing

Little Rooster Holiday Roll Orders: 

Little Rooster Orders will be ready after 10 am on Monday or Wednesda, as you checked on your order sheet.

Kind Crumb Orders will be ready for pick up after 4 PM on Tuesday for Hudsonville and Cascade Stores.  Eastern Ave - Wednesday 10 AM  * If they come in earlier than 5 pm we will do our best to give you a call.

Hudsonville - 616-896-6630

Cascade 616-975-7555

Eastern Ave 616-245-6268