Life Is A Full Contact Sport! Healthy Options For Every Active Life

Harvest Health Foods


We are all athletes, regardless of our age or the activity we engage in, our bodies need proper nutrition for optimal health and performance. Life is a full-contact sport and we need to fuel our bodies well so that we embrace life to the fullest. Do the protein and supplements your family is using make the grade? Why are labels like organic, Non-GMO, NSF and Informed Choice certifications are important? Learn how to choose a protein that will be the best choice for you and for all the athletes of life in your family.

* How to get your body to MOVE with confidence and energy

* How to use CLEAN sport nutrition to impact your daily performance - in and out of the gym of life! 

This seminar is at our Cascade location - 6807 Cascade Road, Grand Rapids Michigan

Amber Vitse, CNAmber Viste - Trainer Extraordinaire from Garden of Life.  Amber's knowledge about all things health is vast and scientifically backed.  We are thrilled to have Amber back at Harvest Health Foods.  Our topic will be: Athletes for a  Lifetime? We are all athletes training to live the optimum, healthiest life we can.  We will be learning about choosing the right protein for our active (or not-so-active) lifestyles.  Garden of Life's new SPORTS Nutrition formulas is not just for those who lift 100's of pounds or participate in Iron-Man events but for those looking who are for the cleanest, non-GMO Project verified, Certified Organic formulas to enhance your daily life.  Perfect for young and college athletes too. 



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