January Healthier You Seminar

Harvest Health Foods

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The top new year's resolutions are to lose weight and be healthier.  We know exercise and eating a healthy diet are key in maintaining a healthy weight.  But it is so frustrating when the scale doesn't reflect your hard work!  As we get older it seems to take even more effort to get results.  We all have wished for that one "Magic Pill"  that would help us achieve our goals.  There may not be a "Magic Pill" but there are some effective weight loss supplements that may help us move the dial on the scale.  Join us for the beginning of our 2017 Healthier You Seminars.

Join us in welcoming Mohit Kumar, National Sales Manager & Educator with Irwin Naturals.  Mohit is passionate about helping people reach their heath goals. Mohit will share with us how different supplements may work in the body to help reduce body fat or increase muscle tone, energy, and calorie burning to support healthy weight management.  With this new information, a healthy diet, and the right kind of exercise, we will be well on our way to a healthier 2017.*

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* Always consult a doctor before starting any supplement, weight loss or exercise program.

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