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Healthier You Seminar Series by Harvest Health Foods

Healthier You Seminars and Events

Harvest Health Foods

Harvest Health Foods Seminar and Events

Upcoming Seminars and Events

Do you have a topic you would like to learn more about?  Let us know by emaililng us your ideas.  EMAIL IDEAS FOR SEMINAR TOPICS


December 5th, 6:30 PM - Cascade - Meet the New Power Couple - A Solution for 21st Century Risk Factors - RSVP & More INFO HERE

December 14th - 6:30 at our Eastern Ave Location - Core Strength for Balance, Posture and Health with Health Motion Physical Therapy  RSVP & More Info



November 16th, 6:30 PM - Hudsonville  -  Solving the Metabolism Mystery - Activating your Fat Burning Hormones and ingniting your Energy - RSVP & More INFO HERE

November 28th 6:30 Essential Oils Make it and Take it Class - MORE INFO


VegFest 2017 - Stop by and Say Hi! At the Delta Plex - Plant Based Lifestyle Expo - September 17th 10:30-5:00 PM More info @ www.grvegfest.com 

September 19th 6:30 PM -  Oh Why Can't I Sleep (and neither can my Kids)  with Dr. Nicole Beurkens PhD.  Holistic Psychologist - Cascade Harvest Health Foods MORE INFO


October 3rd 6:30 PM - Immunity and Brain Health - We will learn how to strengthen our immunity for the winter season and support our brain health for all seasons of life with the power of herbal extracts.  With Herb Pharm - at Eastern Ave - Harvest Health Foods  Details Here  Please RSVP - Limited Seating

Tuesday October 17th - Changing Diets, Changing Minds with Nutrition -The Importance of Nutrition for Behavior, Learning and Mood , how the correct nutrition can help us realize our optimal potential for mental achievement, happiness and fulfillment.  Jolie Root, Nurse & Nutritionist -  Cascade Harvest Health Food Details HERE



Previous Seminars

Dr. Daniel Cobb DOM,  The Calcium Myth - Essential Elements for Bone Health MORE INFO
Tess Challis - Vegan Chef - August 22nd -  Vegan Nachos - Hudsonville MORE INFO

JULY 2017
Dr. Nicole Cain - Homeopathy - First Aid  July 25th - Cascade  MORE INFO

JUNE 2017  

Overcoming Adrenal and Thyroid Function - with Beverly Clark.   Sounds like  a repeat?  We packed the house in May, and so many cusotmers requested we do this seminar again! 

Join us at Hudsonville on June 20th - 6:30 PM to learn how regain the vibrancy your health is missing!   RSVP HERE


Harvest Health Foods Anniversary Celebration


JULY 2017




Tuesday, October 17th - 6:30 PM - Carlson Labs - Fish Oils For Life




Past Events:


January 24th - 6:30 pm Hudsonville Harvest Heatlh Foods  More Information and RSVP:

Irwin Naturals - Is there a MAGIC Pill for weight loss?  The list of "celebrity" touted supplements are endless,  what is the difference and how do they work? Garcinia, Saffron, Citrus Peel, Konjack Root, Raspberry Ketones, Forskolin  


February 16th - EASTERN Ave - Hindered Movement - With Sally Talbot - PT - Health Motion Physical Therapy More Information and RSVP:

Feburary 21st  HUDSONVILLE - Healthy Hearts - Naturally with Dr. Dave Johnson, MD - Cardiologist  More Information and RSVP:

Feburary 23rdst - CASCADE   Healthy Hearts - Naturally with Dr. Dave Johnson, MD - Cardiologist  More Information and RSVP:

MARCH 2017

March 21st - 6:30 - CASCADE - Everyone Is an Athlete - Make No Mistake Life is Full Contact Sport  - More Information and RSVP

Amber Viste - Trainer Extraordinaire from Garden of Life.  Amber's knowledge about all things health is vast and scientifically backed.  We are thrilled to have Amber back at Harvest Health Foods.  Our topic will be: Athletes for a  Lifetime? We are all athletes training to live the optimum, healthiest life we can.  We will be learning about choosing the right protein for our active (or not-so-active) lifestyles.  Garden of Life's new SPORTS Nutrition formulas is not just for those who lift 100's of pounds or participate in Iron-Man events but for those looking who are for the cleanest, non-GMO Project verified, Certified Organic formulas to enhance your daily life.  Perfect for young and college athletes too. 

APRIL 2017
APRIL 20th - Cascade  It's all about your CORE! - Core strength training with Health Motion Physical Therapy