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Back To School and Fall Schedules for Nutritional Success

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Check your Back-To-School and Schedules List for healthy vitamins to keep everyone healthier this fall.

High-quality nutrition in our daily diet is always the beginning of a healthy body. But beyond that, there are ways we can help supplement our healthy diets.
Multi-Vitamins:  Why? These supplements help fill in the "gaps" in our daily diets.  Regardless of how well you eat, our food does not contain all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to perform at optimum levels.  Toss in picky eaters or a super busy schedule and our nutritional intake gets compromised.   There are plenty of options but selecting one that is appropriate for you is vital.  
Probiotics:  Why?  The gut is the first line of defense in our immune system.    Creating a healthy environment that can balance good and bad bugs is the start of a healthy body.   What we eat, antibiotics, digestive issues and stress all affect our gut and our immune system.  A daily probiotic will help boost the immune system.   There are lots of options with probiotics, probably some miss-information too,  let our staff show you the different options. *
Omega's, DHA & MCT Oils:  Brain Food and healthy inflammation promoters for the body.   DHA is key to developing brains in utero as well as in young growing brains.  A good balance of EPA and DHA found in fish oils is key to helping the body deal with inflammation and support our brain health as we age.   Knowing how EPA and DHA work and the researched amounts we should be taking is key.  Most of us are not getting even close to the recommended Omega-3's on a daily basis.  Worried about fishy taste?  A good quality fish oil should not give you "feedback".   Our staff can show you options in this category too.*  Flax oil and vegan omegas are options too.  There is a lot of talk about MCT oils for brain health, ask us about it.*
Memory & Focus:   Regardless if we are just entering school or are trying to learn and retain new information, there are researched supplements to help our brains work better.   Check out new Memory and Focus formulas by Garden of Life that are geared for new learners,  young adult, and mature brains.  There are several brands offering formulas for information retention.    We'll be glad to show you options.*
Anxiety & Stress:   A change of routine can cause everyone a bit of anxiety.   Too much on anyone's plate creates unwanted stress. Both anxiety and stress cause harm to the body and your wellbeing.  We offer formulas that are geared just for kids or for adults.   Let us know what you are looking for and we can show you some options.*   
** Our staff can only show you options and explain how these supplements are to work in the body.  We are not doctors and can not prescribe,  diagnose or treat any condition.  Please check with your doctor before starting any supplementation program.

Back to School Nutrition Chart

Click on Image to get Download of the 2018 Taste For Life Annual Kid's Nutrition Chart