Live By Your Gut - New Perspectives on Digestive Health

Live By Your Gut -- New Perspectives on Digestive Health
Digestive health is more than a process of simply assimilating nutrients from food; it has a profound impact on our total health and well-being. You'll learn about how to improve your digestive health overall for more energy, how to navigate food intolerances and even the connection between digestion and mood. Prepare to be empowered with new perspectives and an understanding of how vibrant, whole-body health begins in the gut. 

HOSTED BY: Julia Craven, Enzymedica VP of Education
As the Vice President of Education for Enzymedica, Julia is a nationally recognized expert in digestive health and enzyme therapy. She is passionately spreading valuable
information about healing America's digestive health epidemic using an integrative, easy-to-understand enzyme-focused approach that is accessible to all. She is also a
product formulator, traditional herbalist, certified yoga instructor, and lifelong learner who is committed to empowering people to find their personal path to wellness.  

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Tue, 10/18/2022 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Live By Your Gut - New Perspectives on Digestive Health