Healthy Meal Planning Made Easy with Andrea Hop

Join us Tuesday, February 6th, 6:30 pm at our Cascade Location (6807 Cascade Road, Grand Rapids) for this FREE informative seminar.

Everyone knows that making your own meals at home is the best way to ensure you are eating healthy.  By the time we are headed to the grocery store, we are trying to get one meal on the table not five of them.  

Life is busy, and planning meals often take a back seat. Andrea Hop, Health Coach with Grand Rapids Natural Health,  will be sharing with us some sure-fire solutions to making our healthy meal planning easy! 

Join us, and let us all eat healthier and get out of the kitchen faster in 2019!  Bring your friends and do this together!


Tue, 02/12/2019 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Meal Planning With Andrea Hop