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Reciprocity sustains the well-being of everything on the planet, and brings a renewed sense of wholeness to all of the Earth.

plant intelligence

(noun): A plant's capacity, in its complete form--with its full spectrum of constituents intact--to have a therapeutic effect within the body.

(verb): To act in accordance with Nature, honoring the symbiotic relationship between plants and people, and fostering a healthy future for both.

The connection between Plants & People

The existence of life on Earth is what makes our planet unique. The connection between plants and people means that we each have an influence on each other--resulting in a network of interdependent interactions.

Each plant has the unique ability to draw nutrients from the Earth and transform them into bioactive constituents that create a corresponding biological response in the human body. In order to receive these benefits, however, people must--in turn--recognize Nature's inherent Plant Intelligence(r) and nurture it: Growing, harvesting, and processing the plants in the ways that best preserve the intended healing powers.

Thu, 05/03/2018 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm
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