Changing Diets Changing Minds: With Nutrition

Changing Diets Changing Minds - Harvest Health Foods

Changing Diets Changing Minds: 

The Importance of Nutrition for Behavior, Learning and Mood , how the correct nutrition can help us realize our optimal potential for mental achievement, happiness and fulfillment.

Remeber what your mother said?  You are what you eat.  That statement may be more true than she even believed.  

Our daily nutrition impacts more than just our waist line, and general health.  Nutriton guides processes in our body that affect our mood, emotions and our resistance to diseases.  

That ice cream sunday may make you smile, but what affect will it have on your mood, in a few hours?  Carbs, protiens, sugar and healthy fats can alter the quality of your life.

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We welcome Jolie Root, Nurse, Nutritionist and Health educator.  She is the Sr. Nutritionist and Educator with Carlson Labs. 

Jolie Root -Jolie Root, a well-known radio personality, Nurse, Nutritionist, health educator and medical journalist invites you to tune in to her radio show “Food for Thought” heard Fridays at 10AM on AM 1160 WVNJ New York.  You will also hear Jolie on Food for Thought, Florida heard Mondays at 12PM on WWNN AM 1470 in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Palm Beach, Florida. Tune in for live streaming on the internet at www.wvnj,com and Download podcasts of Food for Thought at http://foodforthoughtjolieroot.podomatic.comJolie travels throughout North America attending medical conferences, lecturing and educating the public about the role of nutrition in integrative medicine. Her articles have been published in magazines and newsletters including Alternative Medicine, Whole Foods, Taste for Life, Senior Living, First for Women, Vista, Prescription for Healthy Living, HealthETimes and Health Gems. Jolie can be followed on Twitter @jolieroot and her blog “Red Wine, Green Tea and Dark Chocolate” is at

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