The Calcium Myth

We've all heard that Calcium is essential for bone health. We've also been told that drinking milk is optimum nutrition for healthy bones. Food companies fortify foods with calcium that was never intended to contain calcium, in the first place.  Standard medical protocol even encourages us to supplement with large quantities of calcium. 

We need to ask the question: 

In our society, where calcium is so widely available and its benefits are so widely known, why are bone disorders like osteoporosis and osteopenia so prevalent? Maybe Calcium, by itself isn't the answer to maintaining healthy bones?

We are excited to welcome back 

Dr. Daniel Cobb, DOM (Doctor of Oriental Medicine) from New Mexico. He will present a different viewpoint of how minerals play a greater role in our bone health than just calcium by itself. So before you go embracing your milk mustache, join us for this informative seminar with Dr. Daniel Cobb and let us learn about the elements that will make a positive impact on our bone health.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 18:00 to 20:00
Healthy Bones - Calcium is not the only answer